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Our Services


Step 1: Pregnancy Test | At the Pregnancy Resource Clinic, we provide free pregnancy testing to confirm your pregnancy. With our testing services, we can help you find accurate answers. Our experienced staff is here to help guide you through your options, providing the confidential care that you need. If your test is positive, the PRC can provide you with a pregnancy verification document. This verification is needed to apply for Medicaid and other resources.

Step 2: Ultrasound | Once a positive pregnancy is confirmed, we will schedule your ultrasound appointment. We offer a free limited ultrasound to confirm the viability of your pregnancy with physician review and diagnosis. An ultrasound confirms the location, viability, and duration of your pregnancy, all critical information for proper care. 


If you choose to parent, we are here to support you in that decision. We offer materials, resources, referrals, and services to help equip you for this journey.

Welcome Gift (Layette) | To celebrate your baby, we have a gift bag of baby items to help get you started on your new journey of motherhood!
Monthly Material Support | Come in once a month for a free supply of diapers, wipes, and formula until your baby is one year old. To ensure we have items you need, please call us for an appointment.

Parenting Classes | First time parents can apply for this six-week parenting class program where they are paired with a mentor to work one-on-one. These classes cover a variety of different topics that help first time parents feel more confident in caring for their new baby.

Male Mentoring | We understand that a new pregnancy can be a confusing time for both the mother and the father of the baby. We have male mentors that are here to listen and provide confidential support, resources, and referrals to men that come to our clinic.


Miscarriage & Infant Loss | Hearts of Hope is our miscarriage and infant loss support group. As a Christian support group, we're here to listen, share, and love those who have experienced loss, regardless of where you are in the grieving process. Our hope is that by being in community with others who understand and have experienced similar losses, group members will find compassion, strength, help, and hope.   

Post-Abortion Support | Having an abortion often leaves your heart confused and your mind swirling. With a woman who has walked this road before you, you will find a space to feel heard, supported, and loved. 

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